The Helo Watch

The helo watch is the first wearable technology device that monitors both blood glucose and blood alcohol levels. Imaging being able to monitor a loved ones bodily vital signs from another state or country right from your cell phone if they are wearing the device.  A game changer for athletes, fitness-minded professionals and businessmen and women.




Americans living paycheck to paycheck

Number of MLM companies focused on wearable technology

10-Percent Referral Commissions

Simply for being a customer with World GN you earn 10% referral commissions.We know not all of our customers will want to start a home based business despite its perks. Wor(l)d pays you to use and share our products with other people from your one-time investment to purchase the helo health monitor. When was the last time Apple or FitBit paid you money for using or sharing their products with friends, family or casual strangers?

Never in the history of the direct selling industry has a company grown as fast as World Global Network. The helo device was recently named the 2017 Direct Selling product of the year. Earn unlimited, 10% referral commissions simply for being a customer with us. We also offer a highly luractive business opportunity. Click on any of the links on th page to get more details about our device, products and compensation plan.


Utilize The Power Of Duplication

America, the richest country in the world has over 78% of its working population  living paycheck to paycheck. The professional workforce in this country (just like others around the world) are some of the most astute, highly educated, hardest working people in the world. The problem is far too many people have been taught to rely on one source of income and have too many bills. If you get jumped by 15 people what are the chances of winning that fight unless you are Bruce Lee? Let’s be real. The finer things in life can be attained by utilizing the success principle every successful business has ever used and that is the duplication principle contained within the Wor(l) Global Network business opportunity.

World Global Network gives and every consumer the opporutnity to dream and work toward their goals. If you are driving a car you don’t really want, a house that isn’t one you have dreamed about, if you are in debt over your heard, have banks and debt collectors calling your number then it is time for a change.

We live in a wonderful time and there is no excuse to say “I don’t have the money”. People that say find ways to create it like using a credit card, if need be. You will find more resources on this website than anywhere else and I will work to ensure that happens as an independent helo distributor and someone who has been down financially in the past.  Sit tight. Site is new but I’m going to hustle to help people here.

This is netWORK marketing. It is not netI’llgettowhenihavethetime marketing or netWhenthetimeisright marketing. If you care about health, fitness and see the massive opportunity involved in wearable technology then you simply have to act. You have to make a change and you must get started now. There has never been a better time.

You may not dig the car to the right, pehaps you like boats, $$ for your loved ones, more freedom to do what you want to do instead of someone else telling you what they want from you. We all have different goals. Wor(l)d provides all of us a huge opportunity. Will you take action?

The World's First Electrosmog-Free Cellular Phone

Due out in first quarter 2018 World’s new Infolio phone will be the first elecro-smog free cell phone. Electrosmog is the radiation given off my desktops, laptops and cell phones. Wor(l)d has taken their world-class helo device wearable technology and have also provided an incredible product with its infolio phone and electrosmog protection stickers. Click the link below to purchase yours.



Visit our helo site to learn more

As a 2:19 marathoner, 2008 USA Olympic Trials qualifer and 26-year veteran of endurance sport I take wearable technology seriously. The helo watch is remarkable allowing me to monitor not only my own bodily vital statistics but also monitor my loved ones as well from another state or country right from my cell phone.

Nathan Pennington


World-Class Business Opportunity

You are on a gravy train with biscuit wheels with World Global Network. The technology sector is a $2.2 trillion dollar business and World GN is the first direct selling company in the world to focus on wearable technology. This means zero competition. Many people will pass up this opportunity. You have the choice to take action with us. Watch this video to the left. Click I Want To Get Started Now to sign up.

What Does The Helo Health Monitor Do?

The helo smart watch is a FitBit and Apple Watch roled into one only it has more capabilities and it pays. Does the idea of being able to monitor loved ones bodily vital signs from another state or country interest you? Do you know of somone who is a diabetic and has to prick their fingers for glucose readings? The helo health watch means not having to prick ones fingers any more if a diabetic. It also features a panic button in case you or a loved one is ever in trouble and is in need. This, alone, makes the $199 investment to purchase the helo wristband worth it.

Click the toggles to the right to learn more about all the features of the helo device and the “I Wan To Get Started” button to purchase yours starting today. The helo health watch is the first wearable device of its kind to feature not only the blood glucose but also blood alcohol monitoring cabaility. World Global Network has joined the $2.2 trillion dollar technology industry with the $187 billion dollar network marketing industy. 

World GN is the first network marketing company in the world to not only market a wearable technology device it is also impacting lives all over the world. Currently located in 195 countries with 15 corporate offices around the world, Wor(l)d Global Network is one of the most massive opportunities for anyone interested in health, fitness and making more money could choose. We are excited to have partnered with Toshiba, a $54 billion dollar company, in making the helo health watch one of the most exciting new wearable technology devices in the world.

Among all the incredible functionalities you see to the right this is just the beginning for Wor(l)d. We hope you will want to become a part of the Wor(l)d GN opportunity. If you have no interest in being a helo distributor we totally understand. We’ll still pay you 10 percent referral commissions for sharing and using our products. Wor(l)d provides its customers with their own websites upon purchasing the helo smart band. You share your website link with friends, family, co-workers or casual strangers and if they purchase the helo (priced at $199) you earn $19. 

    Blood Glucose Monitoring

    This is a game changer for people around the world who are diabetics. No more finger pricks. Instantly get a glucose reading while wearing your helo smartband which syncs to your cell phone.

    Blood Alcohol Monitoring

    Never get behind the wheel of a vehicle without knowing, for certain, you can. A literal life-saving component of the helo fitness tracker in and of itself.

    Mosquito Shield

    Never have to deal with pests while outdoors again. The helo is armed for a insect repellant technology which defends you against wasps, bees, ants and other vermant while enjoying the great outdoors

    Heart Rate Monitoring

    The helo smartband also monitors your heart rate. Instantly get a heart rate reading while wearing your helo straight from your cell phone.

    Business Opportunity

    We have helo distributors earning anywhere from a couple hundred extra dollars per month to over $1 million per month. Results will vary and income potential is entirely up to the individual. Wor(l)d makes no guarantees of residual income but we will say people are earning $$ that are putting in the work.


    The helo is also able to monitor your mood. A very unique capability of the helo.

    Fatigue Levels

    Monitor your fatigue levels daily while wearing the helo. The device pairs with the Helo App which syncs to your cellular phone displaying your current mood and tracks weekly statistics.

    Steps Counter

    Get an accurate reading of how many steps you have walked during the day by using the incredible helo device.

    Calories Burned

    The helo also syncs with the help app to inform the user of how many calories he or she has burned during the day.

    Panic Button

    Imagine being able to push a button on the helo and have it send an emergency SOS text and e-mail message to your loved ones cell phone and inbox. Immediately inform those you care about or have them inform you when they or you are ever in trouble.

    EKG Reading

    Get an immediate EKG reading right from your cell phone while wearing the helo watch. The helo heka app pairs with your helo allowing you to get minute-by-minute heart rate readings.

    Anti-oxidizing Himalayan Salt Stone Plates

    Every helo comes with 3 anti-oxidizing himalayan salt stone plates that are part of your helo device. Click “Get More Information” to purchase your helo today.

    Unlimited, Life-time 10% Referral Commissions

    Not interested in starting a home based business as a world global network helo distributor? No problem. Wor(l)d GN will still pay you for sharing our products with other people. Earn life-time, 10 percent referral commissions, every time someone purchases the helo or any of our products using your website link. World provides each of our customers with their own website. You share. You earn. Simple as that.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We get a ton of questions about helo watch from price to our business opportunity. Wor(l)d is the first and only network marketing company in the world that is focusing on wearable technology. This industry alone will be a $34 billion dollar business by 2020. Imagine partnering with a company in the $2.2 trillion dollar technology industry and use a product that will not only improve your health but also pay you for using and sharing with others.

    Starting your home based business with world global network is unlike a traditional business. There are no employees to pay. The company does all the accounting and shipping legwork for you. All you need to do is 1. Believe in the product 2. Be willing to invest in yourself and your business 3. Have an undeniable belief in yourself and desire to better your health and financial future 4. Have a desire to help other people get more out of life than just punching a time clock and have an hour or two at night with their loved ones only to get up the next day and repeat.


    How much does the helo watch cost?

    The helo wearable device costs $199.

    How much does it cost to be a helo distributor?

    You can start earning 10 percent commissions simply for being a customer. If you would like to earn higher commissions using the world global network compensation plan you can order one of our bundle packs. Click any Learn More link on this site to get additional information.

    How much do I have to invest to get started with World GN?

    Although not mandatory, you can choose from one of our bundle packages which pay out higher commissions to those who purchase one compared to someone who purchases the single helo device. You can get started simply by purchasing the helo watch at $199.  If you’d like to get started to immediately click on the Get Started Now button below.

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