Helo Health Monitor

The helo health monitor is similar to the FitBit or Apple watch but has more functionality and it comes with a perk that no other company provides.

You can earn unlimited 10-percent referral commissions simply for being a helo customer.

World Global Network, the manufacturer of the helo health monitor, gives each customer their own website.

If someone purchases a helo device or any world global network product you earn 10 percent of the cost of that product.

There is no limits to the amount of commissions one can make either.

Not a bad deal considering the fact not everyone is going to want to start their own home based business with us.

What Does The Helo Health Monitor Do?

What makes the helo lx watch unique is the fact that it gives customers to monitor not only their own bodily vital signs but also loved ones from a distance right from their cell phone.

If you have a child or an elderly loved one who is wearing the helo you can view their vitals right from the your phone.

This is very unique.

World Global Network has partnered with Toshiba, a $54 billion dollar company, to make the helo health monitor one of the top smart wristbands in the market place.

The helo monitor was recently named the direct selling product of the year (2017) and is only going to get better as the company advances as do our products.

Wor(l)d is due to present the world’s first electrosmog-free cell phone in 2018.

No other product on the market can boast that they have that.

The helo device has a wide variety of capabilities.

Below are just a few.

  1. Blood pressure monitoring
  2. Heart rate monitoring
  3. Steps counter
  4. Calories burned
  5. Mood
  6. Fatigue levels
  7. Blood alcohol (never get behind the wheel of a vehicle without knowing for certain you can)
  8. Blood glucose (diabetics do not have to prick their fingers)
  9. Business opportunity (one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the world)
  10. Panic Button (a life saver)
  11. Mosquito Shield (keep bugs away while outdoors)
  12. and much, much more.

One of the most important functions of the helo health monitor is the panic button.

All it takes is just two pushes of this button and an immediate, emergency SOS text message and e-mail is sent to your loved ones if you or one of your loved ones is ever in trouble.

It will send an immediate GPS location notification right to your cell phone.

This makes the already affordable helo watch price of $199 well worth the one-time investment.

If you would like to learn more about the helo health monitor simply click the link below to get started.

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