Helo LX

The helo lx is affordably priced at just $199.

This is similar in price to all other top wearable technology priced products in the marketplace.

That being said, when was the last time FitBit or Apple paid its customers lifetime, unlimited 10-percent referral commissions simply for being a customer?

We all know not everyone is going to want to start their own home based business in the wearable technology industry.

Some people have no interest whatsoever in network marketing and are simply seeking a world-class health monitoring device they can rely on.

That may or may not be you but either way, you are paid.

How does world global network pay its customers for using and sharing the helo lx device?

You are given a free website the moment you purchase your first product with world gn.

Anytime someone purchases the helo monitor using your website link you earn a 1o percent referral commission.

$20 every time someone purchase the helo fitness band, $59 every time someone purchases the soon to be released infolio phone which will sale for $599.

helo lx

What Does The Helo LX Do?

The helo lx smartband has a wide variety of capabilities.

It is a FitBit or Apple watch on steroids.

Not only do customers receive unlimited 10-percent referral commissions but also enjoy the following health benefits right from their cell phone.

  1. Heart Rate
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Panic Button (a life saver, literally)
  4. Business Opportunity (one of the most lucrative in all of direct sales)
  5. Fatigue levels
  6. Mood
  7. Mosquito Shield (defends you against pests while outdoors)
  8. Blood alcohol (never get behind the wheel of an automobile without knowing for certain you can)
  9. Blood glucose (a huge step forward for diabetics, no more finger pricks)
  10. Steps walked
  11. Calories burned
  12. and much, much more.

Business Opportunity

Perhaps you have a desire in not only health and wellness but also want to start your own home based business.

Did you know the technology industry is an annual $2.2 trillion dollar business?

Wearable technology, according to a recent Forbes magazine article, is due to become a $34 billion dollar industry by 2020.

Wor(l)d Global Network is the only technology company in the world which has combined the network marketing industry ($187 billion dollars) with the $2.2 trillion dollar technology industry.

No other company in the world is focusing on wearable technology in the direct selling industry.

This means zero competition.

World Global Network has one of the most lucrative compensation plans in all of direct sales.

Below you will find a great overview video which discusses just how big this business model and wonderful product is.

If you would like to know more about the helo lx device, our world gn products or our business opportunity simply click the link below to get started with us.

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