Top 4 Reasons To Purchase The Helo Wearable

The helo wearable device is very unique in the fact it is the only wearable technology device in the market place that actually pays you to share and use.

World Global Network has partnered with Toshiba to make the helo one of the hottest new wearable technology devices of 2017.

Recently named the 2017 direct selling product of the year, the helo wearable monitor is currently selling in 195 countries around the world.

What are the top 5 reasons anyone should pick this device over the FitBit or Apple watch?

Reason 1.

Leverage. No other wearable technology device in the marketplace pays.

World Global Network provides each and every customer with their own website and unlimited, 10-percent referral commissions.

You read that right.

You choose to invest $199 to purchase the helo wearable and the company provides you your own website to share with other people.

Any time someone purchase the helo or any other product we have and you earn 10 percent of the overall price of that product.

The family bundle pack sells for $1349.

You earn $134.

All you did was share your link.

You didn’t sign up to be a helo distributor.

You may not have any interest whatsoever in starting a home based business with world global network.

World GN has made it lucrative even for its customers.

If you do have interest in starting a home based business but don’t feel like bothering your family or friends about ‘one of those things’ world GN could be for you.

78 percent of the working population in America are living paycheck to paycheck in supposedly the richest country in the world.

Where is the leverage in relying on one source of income and yet having 15 bills to pay?

Is it no wonder folks making above $100,000 a year or still barely making ends meet?

World Global Network has provided every customer, whether they are interested in getting involved in our highly lucrative business opportunity or just want to be a customer, to earn residual income.

I Want To Purchase My Helo Now

Reason 2

The technology industry.

Did you know the technology industry is a $2.2 trillion dollar business?

World Global Network has combined both the $2.2 trillion dollar technology industry with the $187 billion dollar network marketing industry together.

There are hundreds of multi-level marketing companies around the world.

How many do you think are marketing wearable technology?


World Global Network.

What does that mean?

Zero competition.

Do you want to be a part of this massive business opportunity?

I can tell you that many will not see what you see if you are interested in becoming a helo distributor.

Reason 3

Life sensing technology.

The helo wearable device has all the capacities of the FitBit or Apple watch but more.

World Global Network has done a huge service for people all over the world who are diabetics.

No more finger pricks.

The helo monitor pairs with your cell phone via the Heka App to provide current blood glucose readings.

Among other things, the helo smartband also monitors blood alcohol levels which means you will never get behind the wheel of a vehicle without knowing you can.

This is a game changer in the wearable technology industry.

People are living a healthier lifestyle and able to guage their fitness right from their cell phone.

The helo wearable also monitors:

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Heart Rate
  3. Mood
  4. Fatigue
  5. EKG
  6. Step Counter
  7. Calories Burned
  8. Business Opportunity
  9. Panic Button
  10. Ability to monitor loved ones vital signs from another state or country if wearing the device
  11. And much, much more.

Reason 4

Economic Impact.

We briefly touched on this but a huge benefit in purchasing a helo wearable device or purchasing one of our bundle packs is a way to build residual income.

Linear income, trading time for money, albeit a way to earn income is one of the worst forms of it, period.

Any time you have to trade your time for a paycheck means you have to be somewhere for a given period of time in order to get paid.

What if you were to get started as a helo distributor or customer and able to build your residual income?

Income that continues to come in whether you work or not?

How many friends and family do you know who have that as their reality?

Fellow co-workers?

How many do you know rely on one source of income? Their paycheck.

We fully understand that not everyone is going to want to start a home based business with world global network but it is also important to at least share the opportunity with others regardless.

Some people want to get started now while others want to be a customer first and decide later.

We hope this article on the helo wearable device will assist you in making your decision to get started with us.

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